Monday, 11 April 2011

Public Safety First...

The RMT London Taxi Branch today starts a campaign to end the utter madness here in the capital at night. Women are getting sexually assaulted, raped here in London on a regular basis and we see very little done by those who hold the power and the key to better enforcement to deter these criminals from preying on women here in the capital.

The RMT London Taxi Branch picketed the offices of Transport for London (Windsor House, Victoria Street SW1) today and we will be picketing and demonstrating outside many more offices/buildings of those who could do a lot more to deter "touting" by "bogus" and unlicensed and licensed mini-cab drivers.

TFL along with the Metropolitan Police regularly raid bendy buses in an effort to protect the revenue of bus companies yet the efforts to deter "touting" and the subsequent "assaults/rapes" appear insignificant.

Better enforcement by the Metropolitan and City of London Police services, closure of mini-cab sub/satellite offices and a proactive attitude from TFL and its Taxi/Private Hire division.

RMT London Taxi Branch...