Wednesday, 28 July 2010

TAXI/Partitions/Emissions or should that be Omissions...

It appears yet again that the once great trade paper called TAXI has yet again misled readers.

Re the chap on the knowledge, have to say what is the point in printing a picture of a man who has a serious medical condition?This is very worrying indeed and the editor and owners should certainly act more responsibly. All the trade is pleased our standards have risen and that proper checks on backgrounds are taking place, however TAXI again omits one very important fact about this story/case. The plain simple fact is it was the RMT London Taxi branch that exposed the management failings at the PCO and not the LTDA/LCDC or UNITE.

If you have any doubt remember that the story broke in the Evening Standard on the 2nd of September 2009 just click on this link and read the article . Now note the date of the article 02.09.2009, note the quote from George Vsye RMT London taxi branch committee member and note the RMT London Taxi branch demonstrated on the 04.09.2009 outside the PCO in Penton Street, N1.

Now if the United Trade Group (UTG) consisting of the LTDA, LCDC and the union UNITE were so on the ball and in control of this serious situation why didn't they get the story to the media on or before 02.09.2009. If the RMT was outside the doors of Penton Street on the 04.09.2009 why did these trade orgs wait until the 10.09.2009?

Time for the Editor and owners of TAXI newspaper to wake up and get stories right along with time lines.

Please note the RMT London Taxi branch has not communicated with the GMB union.We would also like to point out that the General Secretary of the LTDA, Bob Oddy , sits on the board of Transport for London and the surface transport panel sub-committee. We look forward to reading all the minutes of these meetings and we shall be seeking evidence of Bob Oddy's objections to partitions in mini-cabs/phv's. Let us all hope that the trades representative has been keeping to his many statements in TAXI newspaper and speaking up for the taxi-cab driver in the determined fashion that he is well known for.

The London Taxi-cab driver should note that the UTG and others have offered the present Mayor/TFL a 15 year age limit on Taxi-cabs within London. This is a very worrying decision and certainly one that Taxi-cab drivers have not been consulted on. Yet again the Taxi-cab driver is sold down the river, for if we accept an age limit we accept the principle and we can rest assured that this figure which is way off the 10 years Boris seeks will be whittled down to 12 at best.

The RMT London Taxi branch position is very clear , we do not believe in any age limit and firmly believe that natural wastage will deal with older Taxi-cabs. The Department of Transport doesn't believe in age limits, they too believe in natural wastage and let us all remember it is TFL/Peter Hendy Transport Commissioner and his staff that decide what Taxi-cab we can drive and any NO2 particulates from our tail pipes is the fault of TFL and TFL alone. They have the power to demand cleaner and better engines from the people that build Taxi-cabs for the London market.

Maybe it's time for Peter Hendy to get on his bike...

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Taxi Engagement Policy, the Big Society, Minutes of Meetings...

The RMT London Taxi branch will shortly be responding formally to the recent Taxi Engagement Policy created by the Taxi Private Hire Directorate formerly known as the Public Carriage Office (PCO).

The RMT is a bona-fide trade union and we comply with all relevant trade union legislation.Our response will be of a formal/robust nature and members can be assured that we shall be informing the present director and reminding him of the very first meeting we had with him in January 2010 when he informed us of the bad communications the trade had experienced with the last head of the PCO.

We shall be sending our response to all members of the London Assembly/London MP's/Mayor and board members of Transport for London and after consideration of recent announcements by the Rt Hon David Cameron Prime Minister we think it is only fair to point out to him that we merely wish to play a part in our society, our trade and our community/jobs.

If the PM wants the "Big Society" to work isn't it time for TFL/TPH to engage with a bona fide trade union that represents decent hard working taxi-cab drivers.

The RMT complies with the law and the RMT London Taxi branch isn't going away, we merely seek the opportunity to represent our members and ask for transparency and fairness to play a major role within the Taxi Private Hire Directorate...of Transport for London.

We will be asking the Mayor and Transport Commissioner for the minutes of these regular meetings that are held with the organisations that form the "United Trade Group". These groups do not represent the majority of taxi-cab drivers but it is "all taxi-cab drivers" that pay the wages of staff at the TPH directorate. The Taxi trade is badly led and suffers from lax/lazy representation and it is time for the minutes of meetings that have a direct effect on your livelihood to be published in the interests of transparency and fairness.

If TFL can publish minutes of board meetings/sub committees why can't the TPH Directorate...?

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Friday, 2 July 2010

Your Freedom...

Your Freedom matters according to the coalition Government so here at the RMT London taxi branch we thought we would ask the new Government something that is pretty reasonable and something that affects all taxi-cab drivers throughout the United Kingdom.

On behalf of all taxi-cab drivers (especially those in London) we ask that HM Government look once again at all parts of the Road Traffic Act(s) and apply the law in a fair manner and way.

Please do click on the link below and support this initiative...

Remember if you don't ask you'll never get anything from any Government and after reading the Stamp report of 1970 it appears we haven't asked for much and therefore we've got very little...