Friday, 22 October 2010

You Really Couldn't Make This Up !

It seems that some it the taxi trade just don't get it...!

Yes the three trade orgs/union that go by the name of the UTG (United Trade Group) which consists of the LTDA (leaders) followed by Unite the union and the LCDC (followers) sit down and collectively agree to offer an age limit for YOUR taxi-cab of 15 years. Then spend column inches in their respective journals/rags begging the Mayor of London not to bring in a 10 year age limit even though they have accepted the principle of an age limit by offering one in the first place.

Ask yourself this does your trade org/union have regular meetings with you the membership ?

If so are you encouraged to attend and hold officers/officials to account for the decisions they make on your behalf ?

If the Mayor introduces an age limit will you be happy that the value of your taxi-cab will decrease ?

After all it appears that some of the people who agreed to the principle of an age limit now seem a little worried at the consequences of their actions.

It might be time for you to join an open democratic trade union that gives you a voice, a vote and excellent legal cover. Time to join the RMT online at and come along to our next branch meeting on the 10th of November 2010...

Friday, 15 October 2010

Taxi Engagement Policy...

At the beginning of the year John Mason the Director of Taxis and Private Hire agreed to meet with the RMT London taxi branch on a regular informal basis.

After the general election John Mason introduced a Taxi Engagement Policy and today we have responded to the Director of Taxis and Private Hire.

We look forward to TFL/TPH's response...

PS please note the RMT London taxi branch is included in all consultations affecting the taxi trade. We recently said NO to age limits and we await the result of this consultation.

Standard...Standard !

Even the London Evening Standard is concerned about London taxi trade and the possible age limit that may be proposed by the Mayor of London which could see thousands of taxi-cabs taken out of service.

The United Trade Group led by the LTDA and followed by Unite the union and the LCDC ALL agreed to accept the policy of age limits. THEY the UTG offered a 15 year age limit on your behalf now can any of you taxi-cab drivers tell me where they got this mandate from?

The RMT London taxi branch is saddened that fellow taxi-cab drivers have decided to sell the residual value of your taxi-cab without even thinking of the consequences. Yet in recent publications both the LTDA and the LCDC seem to contradict the very policy they have offered TFL and the Mayor which is an age limit on ALL taxi-cabs.

If you offer an age limit you accept the principle of an age limit. The LTDA/UNITE the union and the LCDC have let the self employed taxi-cab driver down. Let's hope the Mayor of London sees sense and backs the RMT London taxi branch call for natural wastage and a decent scrapage scheme.

Join the RMT online at .

Friday, 8 October 2010

Boris Johnson Mayor of London...

The chair of the RMT London taxi branch contacted the Mayor of London regarding the very worrying and costly issue of age limits that only the RMT said NO to, we were pleased to receive a direct response from the Mayor of London.

No decision has been made yet regarding age limits and the Mayor assures us that all views and opinions will be taken account of. The issue of cheaper vehicle excise duty for euro 3 buses was raised and the Mayor intends to raise this issue with central government for the present "road tax scheme" acts has a disincentive to all taxi-cab drivers thinking of renewing their vehicles.

The Mayor also confirmed that TFL are looking into ways of mitigating the cost of newer vehicles for taxi-cab drivers. The last line of his letter though dispells the myth that the RMT London taxi branch isn't listened to or consulted and we quote "In the meantime, TFL assure me they will continue to include the RMT in relevant consultations and your members' views will always be carefully considered".

Monday, 4 October 2010

Eastbourne Terrace W2...

The Crossrail project will keep Eastbourne Terrace closed for many months and more than likely years.

We have learnt on good authority that consultation took place regarding the re routing of the buses so the question we must ask of TFL and TPH if they can consult with residents and other stake holders why not with the London taxi trade?

The Taxi Engagement Policy created by the present director of Taxi and Private Hire isn't worth the paper it was written upon and the table these other trade orgs/union sit at is a mere foldaway type coupled with a talking shop which hasn't delivered any solutions to any of the major problems we face.

The London taxi trade needs the Bishops Bridge rank back in operation by the 2nd of January 2011 for we will need all the rank space we can get at the beginning of the year...

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Branch Meeting Wednesday 6.10.2010...

With the shock news that the London taxi trade is to lose for an indefinate period of time the use of much of the Bishops Bridge feeder rank between the hours of 11pm to 5.30am (hours that affect us are actually 11pm to 1am) you would have thought matters could not get any worse.

Well shock horror to hear via a newspaper that the Secretary of State for Transport Phillip Hammond will be suspending the use of the M4 bus lane by coaches/taxis and motorbikes from the 24th of December 2010 at the latest. John Kennedy RMT London taxi branch Chairman led the concerns of London taxi cab drivers on PM/Radio 4 and other media outlets. Go to and click on the link.

The London taxi trade has experienced a very dark week and those within our trade who have laid claim to be sitting at the table must surely realise the table appears to have no legs and may have even collpased (maybe it's a fold away table). The whole of the London taxi trade was ignored by Westminster City Council, TFL and finally the Secretary of State for Transport. It is time for the ordinary hard working self employed London taxi-cab to join the only union able/prepared to stand up for your hard earned right to "ply for hire".

The RMT London will be deabting/discussing these issues and many more at our regular well attended branch meetings. Join the RMT online at