Saturday, 16 April 2011

Time to Step Back...

The RMT London Taxi branch held its AGM on Wednesday the 13th of April 2011 and I (John Kennedy) decided to step back and did not seek re-election to the position of Chairman or the committee.

I need a break and I'm looking forward to spending a little more time walking my Fox Terriers and working the Taxi-cab. You are in good hands with the new top team of;
  • Paul Walsh Chairman
  • Stan Marut Branch Secretary
  • Paul Bond Vice Chairman
  • Mike Tinnion Assistant Branch Secretary
These are all capable people and considering they are all past members of the committee I'm sure they'll continue the good work that we've all been involved with.

Just so you all know we are just about to present our petition to Parliament regarding Part 4 clause 17 of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) Bill. I've been working on this issue/problem with RMT policy/political unit so I'll be continuing to work on this issue and a few others so that the new committee is able to meet further challenges and changes that will no doubt be heading our way.

The Branch and the wider Taxi driving driving community should note that recently I/we communicated with the Mayor of London regarding the consultation of the "special exemptions" clause contained within his air quality strategy. I/we are pleased to inform you that despite the efforts of some from within the trade we are to be included in that consultation along with other trade organisations. May I take this opportunity to thank the Mayor of London for honouring his word and ensuring that the RMT London Taxi branch is included in all consultations that affect our members/working Taxi-cab drivers.

I cannot end this short posting without mentioning two great men who have done some excellent work for the branch over the last 12 months and that is brothers Sean Kellett and Paul White.

Please note I'll put this on the record now that I'll be seeking the position of Branch Secretary next April 2012. On that note may I wish the whole of the committee a busy, fruitful productive year ahead.


John Kennedy RMT London Taxi branch activist...

Monday, 11 April 2011

Public Safety First...

The RMT London Taxi Branch today starts a campaign to end the utter madness here in the capital at night. Women are getting sexually assaulted, raped here in London on a regular basis and we see very little done by those who hold the power and the key to better enforcement to deter these criminals from preying on women here in the capital.

The RMT London Taxi Branch picketed the offices of Transport for London (Windsor House, Victoria Street SW1) today and we will be picketing and demonstrating outside many more offices/buildings of those who could do a lot more to deter "touting" by "bogus" and unlicensed and licensed mini-cab drivers.

TFL along with the Metropolitan Police regularly raid bendy buses in an effort to protect the revenue of bus companies yet the efforts to deter "touting" and the subsequent "assaults/rapes" appear insignificant.

Better enforcement by the Metropolitan and City of London Police services, closure of mini-cab sub/satellite offices and a proactive attitude from TFL and its Taxi/Private Hire division.

RMT London Taxi Branch...