Friday, 30 April 2010

New Blog for RMT Heathrow Taxis...

With many issues to be dealt with at London Heathrow Airport the RMT London Taxi Branch is working towards setting up its own dedicated branch for those London Taxi-Cab drivers who are members and cabtag holders.

Please do clink on the link on the side bar or go to and keep upto date with matters affecting you and your colleagues at the world's busiest airport.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Heathrow Airport...

Click on the link then click on the link TAXIS this leads you to a page that describes the service we offer at the airport but it also includes Addison Lee and Chauffeur car service.

Neither of these services are TAXIS and therefore should not be placed under that link. We have today contacted BAA goverment relations department along with TFL/PCO and requested that this link be amended. The two services on offer are mini-cab/private hire and they should be under a banner that reflects what type of service they offer.

With private hire vehicles still flouting the law regarding the M4 bus lane you can be assured that the meeting we are to hold with the Dep't of Transport on 26th May 2010 will be robust to say the least. The London taxi trade is under threat like never before and we must all wake up and secure our collective rights to ply for hire and use of all bus lanes within the capital

Private Hire/Mini-cabs are just that a booked car service and the abuse/misuse of our name must be brought to an end once and for all. Join the only trade union/organisation prepared to stand up for you the self employed London taxi-cab driver.

Join online at or request an application form at

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The General Secretary Sets The Record Straight...

Bob Crow, General Secretary of the RMT , sets the record straight for London Taxi-cab drivers.

You may well be reading this article here on the RMT London Taxi Branch blog or you may well have read the letter to all London Taxi-cab drivers from Bob Crow which states clearly the RMT position with regards to self employed London Taxi-cab drivers.

Some TAXI trade publications have decided for whatever reason to attack the RMT and its London Taxi Branch in recent weeks and months with mistruths and disinformation.

We list below the main points of the letter and look forward to working even harder to protect the rights of the self employed London Taxi-cab driver;
  1. The RMT has no intention of seeking to control hours of London Taxi Drivers.
  2. The RMT has no policy of introducing tachographs into London Taxis.
  3. The RMT does not admit mini-cab drivers into membership of the union.
  4. The RMT has no official dialogue with the GMB Union in respect of Taxi matters.
  5. The RMT does not support satellite mini-cab offices.
  6. The RMT has no interest in matters concerning other trade organisation membership numbers.
Anything said in contradiction to the above is untrue.

The points listed above are taken from the letter delivered today to thousands of London taxi-cab drivers.

The RMT London Taxi Branch gives you the London Taxi-cab driver a Voice and a Vote, we have more members attending branch meetings than others can muster for an AGM. We welcome debate and always decide policy in a fair and respectful manner.

Our trade is under threat like never before with illegal ranks of mini-cabs standing outside TFL/PCO approved satellite mini-cab offices. Westminster City Council/TFL attempting to introduce legislation to appoint bays/ranks on the public highway for pedicabs/rickshaws. A complete failure of enforcement of a private hire trade growing out of control and we in the London Taxi trade get £10.00 knocked off the cost of a Taxi plate.

The London Taxi trade is in serious trouble and the RMT specialist transport union has the reach, influence and skill set to deal with the many serious issues affecting you and your trade. Join the only trade union/organisation that will give you a Voice and a Vote but not an air freshener. Sign up online at or request an application form by email from or email the branch chair at .

RMT "Never on our Knees"...

Monday, 26 April 2010

Thursday 13th May 2010 at 6.45pm...

The next Branch meeting of the RMT London Taxi Branch will be on Thursday the 13th May 2010 at 6.45pm. Remember we have more members attending branch meetings than the rest can muster for an AGM.

If you want a Voice and a Vote join the RMT London Taxi Branch at or request an application form by emailing us at .....oh and watch this space for some very interesting news coming soon...

John Kennedy Chairman, RMT London Taxi Branch.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Eagles Are Landing...

The London Taxi Trade tonight is breathing a collective sigh of relief and hoping that the latest advice from the Civil Aviation Authority allowing UK airspace to open once again will bring about an end to the recent shut down of nearly all UK airports due to the volcanic activity in Iceland.

Let us all hope that the many stranded passengers throughout Europe and across the globe can now start to begin to return home. These times have tested the patience of many but proved once again that the London taxi trade does its best to weather the storms that are thrown at it on a near weekly if not daily basis.

The RMT London Branch will be debating this crisis and seeking solutions to the problems we have all faced. It is clear that the ranking facilities at St Pancras International and King's Cross are unable to cope with a crisis.
  1. This therefore begs the question how will London cope at the 2012 Olympic Games ?
  2. Does London need a civil contingency plan to deal/cope with future Transport failures ?
  3. Does the London taxi trade require temporary taxi ranks/stands and a licensing authority able to react quickly to events that affect us all ?
The RMT London Taxi Branch would like to thank all taxi-cab drivers for once again dealing with a crisis and taking the hit in a calm manner and way. The self employed London taxi-cab is and will always be an asset to this great city called London.

If you wish to join the only trade union that gives you a voice and a vote please do join online at or request an application by emailing the branch at .

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

RMT Calls for Extra Rank Space...

The RMT London Taxi Branch has contacted the Dep't of Transport and requested emergency rank space be made available to the trade due to the ongoing problems with UK airspace which has effectively closed Heathrow and City Airports.

With airports closed the trade has seen an extra 1500 to 1800 taxi-cab drivers seeking work elsewhere and a vast reduction in business travellers. The London Taxi-cab driver needs extra ranking facilities and the set down bays at St Pancras International to be kept clear of illegally parked vehicles.

Extra rank space is required across the capital to assist and help the taxi trade with the serious downturn in work. Let us all hope that this crisis is of a temporary nature and that all those stranded at home or abroad return safely as soon as possible.

Friday, 16 April 2010

A Voice and a Vote at the RMT London Taxi Branch AGM.

On Monday the 12th of April 2010 the RMT London Taxi Branch held its very first AGM and what a well attended meeting this was.

Eddie Lambert the outgoing Chairman and David Vidgen the Branch Secretary were thanked personally for setting up this new branch of the RMT Specialist Transport Union. The meeting/AGM was both informative and good humoured and the branch would like to thank Brian Whitehead Regional Organiser for his attendance.

With Eddie Lambert stepping down John Kennedy accepted the nomination for the role of Chairman of the RMT London Taxi Branch, we are pleased to inform you that John accepted the nomination. Stan Marut who has done an excellent job defending the individual rights of Taxi-cab drivers at Court and/or TFL/PCO accepted the nomination for the role of Branch Secretary.

The RMT London Taxi Branch is open to all Taxi-cab drivers within the Metropolitan Police District whether your badge is green or yellow and we shall over the coming weeks, months and years be increasing our membership base across Greater London with a focus on Taxi-cab drivers who are in no trade union or organisation.

If you wish to contact John Kennedy direct please do so via email at if you seek an application form from the branch please request one via the branch email account at or you can text a request to Stan Marut the Branch Secretary on 07899 786 433. Alternatively join online at . Remember you are protected the moment you sign but most importantly you get a voice and a vote here at the RMT Specialist Transport Union.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Pedicab Bill Fails...

Mark Field Conservative Parliamentary candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster presented a private members bill before Parliament aimed at regulating pedicabs/rickshaws. This private members bill failed and in light of the recent tragic news in Scotland we would urge all prospective Parliamentary candidates across the country to get a grip and deal with this dangerous and unsafe mode of 3rd world transport and join the RMT London Taxi Branch call to ban these objects from the public highway.

If you want to get the West End of London moving and help to remove the gridlock whilst improving road safety within the capital join the RMT London Taxi Branch and campaign to ban pedicabs/rickshaws from the public highway.

Join the RMT London Taxi Branch online at or request an application form by calling/texting the branch secretary on the number above.

London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) Bill.

It is expected that the promoters of this bill will ask each House to agree to motions reviving this bill when a new Parliament is formed. Members and colleagues should note you cannot carry a bill over from one Parliament to another however if both Houses agree the bill could be revived and formally taken through all stages it had passed through so far. We would then have to wait for the date of a 3rd reading in the Lords which would then trigger a period where we could petition and formally oppose the bill in the house of commons.

The RMT London Taxi Branch will object to this bill being revived based upon the simple fact that the majority of taxi-cab drivers were not consulted by Transport for London and Westminster City Council. We do understand that Transport for London did attempt to consult with many taxi-cab driver organisations but it appears none of these responded to the invite. The RMT London Taxi Branch wasn't formed at this particular time and we would have certainly responded to the consultation process that included the possible formation of pedicab/rickshaw ranks/bays within the capital.

A man died recently from an alledged fall from a pedicab/rickshaw in Scotland. The RMT London Taxi branch believes that pedicabs/rickshaws are a 3rd world method/mode of transport, these objects offer no protection from impact nor are they able to cater for passengers with a disability, assistance dog or a wheelchair.

If you seek a ban of pedicabs/rickshaws from the public highway join the only trade union/organisation that is prepared to do the work and campaign for this to happen. Join the RMT London Taxi Branch online at or contact the branch secretary via text or mobile and request an application form.

You get a Voice and a Vote at the RMT not an air freshener !

Sunday, 11 April 2010

RMT London Taxi Branch AGM.

The London Taxi Branch of the specialist Transport Union RMT is to hold its AGM on the 12th April 2010. It really has been a amazing year for the RMT London Taxi Branch which started from nothing and woke a trade up that was falling to sleep at the wheel with little or no progress made on many serious issues affecting all within the London Taxi trade.

  1. RMT wakes the trade up on the 5th of Feb 2009 with the raising of the banner at the Trafalgar Square Demonstration.
  2. RMT London Taxi Branch wakes the trade up with increasing membership numbers.
  3. RMT London Taxi Branch oppose Chancery Lane road closure plans (only trade union/organisation to do so).
  4. RMT London Taxi Branch oppose "clause 19" of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) bill (only trade union/organisation to do so).
  5. RMT London Taxi Branch hear of the falling/lowering of standards at TFL/PCO. RMT committee members swing into action in early September the story breaks in the media via Andrew Gilligan and the Evening Standard.
  6. RMT London Taxi Branch seal victory over the standards on the knowledge.
  7. RMT London Taxi Branch rattle the cages of other trade bodies and ask awkward questions over satellite mini-cab offices, who knew and who agreed or allowed the greatest threat to our right to ply for hire to go ahead ?
  8. The RMT London Taxi Branch comes under sustained attack via a certain publication within the London Taxi trade, shame this publication doesn't spend has much time and effort dealing with the real problems we face.
  9. RMT London Taxi branch meet with members of the London Assembly, MP's, John Mason director of Taxis and Private Hire and even Martin Low.
  10. Throught out the last year the RMT London Taxi Branch have held many peaceful and fun demonstrations with a certain member turning up with a bass drum rumours have it he now has a rather large musical instrument, we look forward to the next demonstration.
  11. The RMT London Taxi Branch meets on a regular basis with the director of Taxis and Private hire and we are included in all consultations with TFL/PCO that affects our members.
The RMT London Taxi Branch looks forward to the year ahead, if you seek a voice and a vote but not an air freshener please do join the RMT at or request an application from branch secretary via text or post.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Soldier dies after fall from Pedicab/Rickshaw.

Lothian and Border Police Force in Scotland are investigating the death of a 26 year old man who is reported to have fallen from a pedicab/rickshaw.

Acccording to bbc Scotland the 26 year old man was out celebrating his birthday when he fell from the pedicab/rickshaw and hit his head upon the ground.

Our thoughts and prays at this sad moment in time are with the family of Christopher O'Kane who was a serving soldier with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Christopher was on leave and had served both in Iraq and Afghanistan, this is such a tragic incident and we shall be contacting the Lothian and Borders Police Force seeking details of this sad tragic incident.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Breaking News.....

Ex Mayor of London Ken Livingstone on his Saturday morning radio show on LBC 97.3fm thinks the RMT London taxi branch idea of converting loading bays into night time taxi-cab ranks/stands is a good idea. In a conversation with the vice chair John Kennedy the ex mayor was interested in the idea muted by the RMT ranks & highways committee member Paul White.

Members of the RMT London taxi branch should note the ex Mayor of London also stated in the week that he was of the opinion that the rickshaws should be banned. The greatest shame with this statement is that when he was Mayor he didn't actually do this.

Please note the picture attached to this article is of two pedicabs removed from the public highway recently by the Metropolitan Police and Westminster City Council. The RMT London taxi branch is the only trade union seeking to ban pedicabs and rickshaws from the public highway.

Happy Easter to all members of the RMT London taxi branch and the wider trade, let us all look forward to spring with renewed confidence that a truly democratic trade union is now established within the London taxi trade.

You get a voice and a vote at the RMT not an air freshener...